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How to Make Money Using Blogging A Step By Step Guide

I trust if you’ve landed in this page you have to be willing to learn how to make money running a blog.

If this is the case, I’d say, you’ve came to a right location ! I’ve been running a blog for a long term and mounted an awesome call in the running a blog global by now. 

This article might be a complete manual on the subject “the way to Make cash running a blog”.

I’m sure you wouldn’t remorse studying this article until the end and grasp plenty of information & thoughts about blogging and search engine optimization.

you may study numerous matters from a blogger who has placed plenty of efforts already in running a blog and have attempted numerous strategies of earning money from a blog.

There are numerous techniques a blogger makes money from.

when you set up yourself as an authoritative person, humans have a tendency to seek your advise and it’s when you begin to make money.

but, if you are trying to make quick dollars, running a blog might not be a great option as it takes time for anyone to set up itself at the internet.

sure it takes time but it doesn’t mean you cannot do this. You simply want to be regular and construct relationships with fellow bloggers in case you are extreme about running a blog. soon, you may see the ball begins rolling.

So let's start a comprehensive guide on how to make money online. 

How to Make Money Online 

Regardless of the fact whether or not you are running a blog for a long time or just began, below are the primary steps that everybody have to  observe to make money VIA running a blog. These are the primary steps and you can't skip any of these.

  1.  Make a Blog
  2.  Write Content
  3.  Build Relationship with Fellow Blogger.
  4.  Promote Your Blog
  5.  Earn Money

Step 1. Setup a Blog

For setting a blog or website like SGM you need to invest a few bucks in purchasing domain name and hosting.

After buying domain name and hosting you need to install wordpress on your server. You can also use free blogging plateform like blogspot but wordpress give you full power to design your blog and here in wordpress you can also install a lot of plugin to add any type of functionality in your blog.

You can learn online how to make blog or website. But if you don't know how to make a website you can use of our service where we design website at cheap rate for our client.

STEP 2. Write Best Quality of Content

No Doubt content is the king when we talk about blogging. Because in a blog it is your content who keep engage your visitor and make them your loyal reader.

If your content is not good then why someone want to read your blog. So keep in mind your content should be intersting, engaging and problem solving.

Try to use easy to understand word dont use difficult jargon because it make your reader kick your blog back and that is the common mistake most of the bloggers do and indirectly it increase their bounce rate.

STEP 3. Build Network With Your Fellow Blogger

You see it often in offline business when someone start a new business then he/she told about his new business to everyone through mouth publicity or using visiting card.

The same we need to do with our business means blog. Always thinking blogging like business only then you could achieve more with your blog.

In blogging our cutomers means our reader or audience is on internet or social media so we need to target our desire audience with good quality of content.

So if you consistently write good qualtiy of content people start to recognize you and soon your blog became a brand in this blog arena.

STEP 4. Promote Your Blog 

Only writing good quality content is not enough these days you need to promote your blog on different different social media plateform like facebook, google and twitter.

If you are thinking about getting Search engine traffic then i clear to you SEO take two or three month to show your keyword in serp.

So in intial days you need to focus on promotion of your blog on facebook and other social media plateform. You can also join group and community where people hangout and share their knowledge.

And lots of popular blogger always say you need to invest your 20% time on writing content and 80% of your time invest on promotion.

STEP 5. Make Money

That is the important part of any business or blog. Anyone in this world want to earn money from their blog or website so why you would not. 

Nobody start their blog for waste of their time anyone who share their knowledge earn money in directlty or indirectly way.

There is a lot of money making way you can use to monetize your blog and here i am going to disclose some of them.

  1.  Affiliate Marketing
  2.  Advertisement
  3.  Sell Digital Product
  4.  Sell Physical Product
  5.  Sell your Service 
  6.  Sell Sponser Post on Your Blog
  7.  Do Paid review on your blog.
  8.  Sell Membership on your blog.
So guys these are the top money making method you can use to make money online using your blog. I hope you understand it. If you have any query about blogging or website designing then you can contact us or make a comment below. 

We are happy to help you in making your journey in this awsome field known as blogging.

Top Web Development and Designing Laguages to Learn in 2018

1 years ago, I did a web design and development series for the SGM blog that turned into a huge hit among aspiring developers and entrepreneurs looking to interrupt the industry. but times change—specially on the subject of the era. As 2017 draws to a close and we start to an appearance in the direction of the new year, now's the best time to survey the web development landscape for the top web development languages to learn in 2018.

Rather than just ranking languages as many lists do, here’s a take a look at a number of the most famous languages and a few contexts at the role they play in web development so that you can determine which web development languages need to make the top of your private listing.

Front End vs Back End

Before we dive into the listing it’s crucial to briefly comment on some concepts which are essential in developing an understanding of web development. The web development procedure may be broken up in two elements: The front end and the back end.

On the front-end (or consumer-side), you have everything a person sees and interacts with a website. At the back-end (or server-side) you have the server and the database technology that homes the data of your website. Together they make up the websites we all recognize and love.


HTML is known as hypertext markup language. HTML markup describes the shape of a website to the browser using tags, which you’ll immediately understand because of the textual content among them . these tags inform the browser the way to present web page elements like titles, headings, textual content, and hyperlinks that are covered in the HTML document.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style-sheet language. It offers developers more control over matters just like the color, fonts, layout, and overall layout of a webpage. by separating presentation (CSS) from structure (HTML) into style sheets, designs can be shared throughout more than one pages or tailored to different environments.


JavaScript is presently the de facto client-side scripting language for bringing interactivity to the world of web development—sliders, pop-up screens, drop-down menus, animations, video games. along HTML and CSS, it’s one of the huge three core technologies at the back of the front-end of a website. JavaScript jogging on the client-side is why a few websites can stay interactive even after losing your net connection.


If you’re searching out an open-source, interpreted language that locations an emphasis on pretty readable code, Python is the overall motive programming language for you. Python has a large general library loaded with pre-coded features for every event—which permits programmers to do extra with fewer lines of code.

So these are four must have to learn language every web designer and developer should to know so if you have any doubt about this topic you can comment below. We feel happy to help you. Thanks a lot for reading this post.

Best Web Design and Development Company in India

India Is a Most Popular Destination for Web Design and Development but Choosing the Best Service Provider for Thousands Is Really a Challenge. We Are Here to Clarify the Task for People, Businesses and Freelancers/small-scale Company That Often Search Top 10 Web Design Development Companies in India. Most Popular E-commerce Packages, Cms Website Packages, E-marketing, Best Seo Packages, Landing Page Optimization. These Are the Best Companies and Service Offering Include Digital Marketing, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, Mobile App Development, Adsense, Webmasters Etc.
Web Design and Development Company In Indore

Web Design and Development Company In Indore

Every business owner dream about immediate business growth through online traffic and conversions. A well-designed website is an important factor for any kind of online business. We create a delightful website for your business purposes. We focus on the necessity of clients during Web Design and Development process to allow you to acquire desired business goals through your website. An attractive website is needed for accelerating your online business. Our team works with latest technologies and work on every small element to make it perfect for all devices, make it user-friendly and search engine friendly.

We guarantee to provide you a website with a memorable user experience that drives user engagement. We create website design according to the business purpose and targeted audience that helps to attract visitor and improve conversion rates... We’ve assisted the world-class and low-cost web solutions to many clients. We at Simply Global Media are ready to deliver best possible web design service for both small and big businesses.


We design professional websites at low-cost price and take care of the essential mobile-friendly view and responsive web design elements like navigation, typography, usability, clarity, and consistency. We provide Web Design Services from India and have designed 500+ websites including a good number of the latest responsive web layout and mobile-friendly websites.


Landing pages create a tremendous impact on your website visitors. The moment the users are redirected to your web page after clicking an ad link, they should be so captivated that they would be unable to leave the site before responding to your call to action. It should be engaging enough to convert the visitors into your customers.


Give your business a remarkable logo that your customers can easily identify and connect with your brand. Our company Logo Design Services majorly focus on providing a separate and unique identity. Success starts with a stellar logo. Turn your brand identity into the visual logo. Our designers are masters of the latest trends and design the logo professionally. It actually represents your organization, products, and services online as well as the offline.


Simply Global Media is full-service Web Development Company, our experts provide perfect and accurate web design and development services like custom web development, e-commerce website development, PHP web development, WordPress customization and so on. Our developer team of highly talented, skilled and qualified professionals provides website development services at both domestic and global level for small as well as large businesses. We build an attractive and user-friendly website for our clients to make a strong online presence of their business


Mobile Apps are revolutionary changing in the tech world today, as people are getting engaged with each other through Mobile phones. For developing a business, an organization must have a website and mobile application in order to evolve their business. Simply Global Media has a qualified team of Mobile Application Development, creating a mobile app that suits your business. Our mobile app developers accomplish your business needs for major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. With advanced tools and technology, our experts are able to create highly customized mobile applications


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