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Part 6- Social Media Marketing Tips For Best Results....

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#17: Share Content That Resonates With Your Audience

The best tip I have to offer for Social Media Marketing Services is to stick to your passionsShare messages and content that resonates with your audience. Are they going to feel strongly, “I agree with that!” or “I strongly disagree with that!” when you share your message? Those are the types of messages you should be sharing.
Passion should emanate from every part of your social media campaign. From the name of your Facebook Page to your advertising, to the content you share. Everything should resonate and strike a chord, in one way or another (usually in a positive way), with your audience.
When you focus on passion, your engagement will go up, your shares will increase and your audience will grow. When you can create content that builds passion, your audience will come. Focus on passion and you can’t go wrong!

#18: Exchange Contact Information

There are no guarantees that the social media network or platform that you are part of will have the same shelf life as your business. Networks come and go (MySpace, anyone?) but your business, hopefully, will not.
Yes, social media is a “party” and you want to play and interact on the terms of your host. But just as important is the simple fact that said the party will end at some point.
Just as you might exchange phone numbers or email addresses (with some people) at any social event, you should, and want to, consider doing the same thing on any social network you want to be part of.
Regular contextually appropriate opportunities to exchange phone numbers or addresses inside of a social network are a just good business. Be strategic, but be purposeful. The test of any good party is the relationships that come from them. Everything else is just fleeting memories of “another party” and a bad headache in the morning.
BTW, I met my wife at a social event. I sure am glad we exchanged contact information and didn’t hope everything would happen within the confines of where we met.

#19: Distribute Your Blog Content to the Most Popular Groups on LinkedIn

It is easy to gain very valuable distribution of your content to some of the 200,000,000+ members of LinkedIn.
Here’s how to get exposure to some of the largest and most popular groups.
·         Find the LinkedIn Share button on articles or posts throughout the web. 
·         Cut and paste your content into Post to Updates and then check the Post to Groups box. 
·         Select the groups you want your post submitted to. 
Done! This is super-easy and helps accelerate massive exposure.

#20: Integrate Social Media Best Practices

The most important Social Media Marketing tip for businesses is to integrate, integrate, integrate. Social media can’t exist in a silo. Instead, it should be a core part of your strategy.
A company that’s responsive on Twitter but has poor customer service practices won’t do well. A company that produces great content on Facebook but has a closed, non-transparent corporate culture will eventually fail. Successful social media has to start with integration.
customer service, customer relationship management, sales, operations, human resources and research and development.
Ideally, everyone at your company should be trained in the fundamentals of social media as it touches many different areas of a business.
Furthermore, there are numerous opportunities throughout the customer experience for integration of social networks and social media best practices. The more open and transparent you are with customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle, the more comfortable they’ll feel about continuing to buy your stuff, hire you, like you and your Pages and recommend you to friends.

#21: Focus on Getting Attention First

If I had to boil it down to one social media marketing tip, it is to focus on the Digital Marketing element.
We are marketers, we need to get some movement beyond the buzz and really drive progress. In that vein, my tip is to focus on getting attention FIRST.
So many of us think about the end game of generating leads or sales, and others think about the metrics of engagement. But like a magazine ad, you must get someone to stop the virtual page flipping and say “Hmm, that’s interesting.”
Focus on headline writing and visual storytelling (I steal from Lisa Buyer) to get someone to pause for that millisecond and lean in. Your content is only as good as that which gets the attention of the inundated user.
Then, of course, you must test, iterate and measure. Tools to do this will be critical.
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