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Top Web Development and Designing Laguages to Learn in 2018

1 years ago, I did a web design and development series for the SGM blog that turned into a huge hit among aspiring developers and entrepreneurs looking to interrupt the industry. but times change—specially on the subject of the era. As 2017 draws to a close and we start to an appearance in the direction of the new year, now's the best time to survey the web development landscape for the top web development languages to learn in 2018.

Rather than just ranking languages as many lists do, here’s a take a look at a number of the most famous languages and a few contexts at the role they play in web development so that you can determine which web development languages need to make the top of your private listing.

Front End vs Back End

Before we dive into the listing it’s crucial to briefly comment on some concepts which are essential in developing an understanding of web development. The web development procedure may be broken up in two elements: The front end and the back end.

On the front-end (or consumer-side), you have everything a person sees and interacts with a website. At the back-end (or server-side) you have the server and the database technology that homes the data of your website. Together they make up the websites we all recognize and love.


HTML is known as hypertext markup language. HTML markup describes the shape of a website to the browser using tags, which you’ll immediately understand because of the textual content among them . these tags inform the browser the way to present web page elements like titles, headings, textual content, and hyperlinks that are covered in the HTML document.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style-sheet language. It offers developers more control over matters just like the color, fonts, layout, and overall layout of a webpage. by separating presentation (CSS) from structure (HTML) into style sheets, designs can be shared throughout more than one pages or tailored to different environments.


JavaScript is presently the de facto client-side scripting language for bringing interactivity to the world of web development—sliders, pop-up screens, drop-down menus, animations, video games. along HTML and CSS, it’s one of the huge three core technologies at the back of the front-end of a website. JavaScript jogging on the client-side is why a few websites can stay interactive even after losing your net connection.


If you’re searching out an open-source, interpreted language that locations an emphasis on pretty readable code, Python is the overall motive programming language for you. Python has a large general library loaded with pre-coded features for every event—which permits programmers to do extra with fewer lines of code.

So these are four must have to learn language every web designer and developer should to know so if you have any doubt about this topic you can comment below. We feel happy to help you. Thanks a lot for reading this post.

What is the Difference Between SMO and SMM

SMM and SMO were captivating subjects for discussion in the digital marketing sphere. at the same time as each of those are the two important pillars of what we call as the digital advertising world, humans still have plenty of confusion approximately each of them their meaning, reason, and influences. therefore, let’s discover the meaning and the factors of difference between the two phrases.

As a fast-growing industry, internet marketing has experienced continuous evolution and is still unstoppable. With so much of modifications and upgrades, there are many ways to sell a business, brand, or product among tens of millions of clients within a quick timeframe.

Among the numerous method, SMO and SMM are the two impactful advertising resources which can be built upon many equipment and strategies, which fluctuate with each other significantly.

Even as these two phrases seem so same to each other, their actual meaning and reason contradict with each other substantially.

Below are the complete guide which differentiate these two-term from one another.

Social Media Optimization ( SMO )

Social Media Optimization or SMO refers to the system of streamlining or optimizing a website so that it is able to be uncovered online on numerous social media channels. This system can include anything carried out “on-page” which includes refining the interface and usefulness of the website so that it turns into extra compelling to the site visitors in order to help them share it via numerous social media websites.

kinds of social media consist of social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, video and running blog websites and social information and bookmarking websites. In general, social media optimization refers to making a website and its content material viable and optimized for sharing throughout social media and networking websites.

In short, SMO is all about pulling your target audience in with an “optimized” website and encouraging them to unfold your content material without any attempt to your part.

Social Media Marketing ( SMM )

Social Media Marketing, however, is the subsequent step to SMO. when you optimize your website, it’s time to share and publicize it online on diverse social media channels for the humans to recognize about your brand, its product and services and to expose interest in them. 

It performs greater of an energetic role by referring to the introduction and sharing of content and different messages through the social net by means of viral advertising. these can also encompass advertisements, blogs, photographs, and videos describing your products and services. for instance, creating a powerful content that gets bookmarked, spreading a viral video by using setting it on YouTube and different social media websites fall under SMM.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

What is The Future of Digital Marketing in India

With four hundred million internet customers in India, business owners can no more select to ignore their presence on digital and online media. in the absence of digital marketing, customers are certain to find out and opt for the services of your competitor.

According to a report by Social Beat, 80% of brands and company are using digital marketing media. The same report also states that generating higher quality leads is their top most priority.

Here I am going to tell you about the 6 most important area of digital marketing every business should to use. These 6 important part of digital marketing are.

  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Content Marketing Via Blogs or Making Awesome Video
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Landing Page Optimization
  6. Search Engine Marketing
Growing of technology and mobile phone clearly indicate the bright future of Digital Marketing in India. The main reason of using digital marketing by the company is that it is a result oriented marketing and can be handled easily.

You can check how many leads you are getting, which channel is performing best for your business in getting hot leads. If you want to learn digital marketing then it can help you in many ways -
  • You can become a blogger or affiliate marketer.
  • You can join a digital marketing company or agency.
  • You can work as a freelancer or help someone in growing their business with the help of your digital marketing skill.
  • You can grow your own business with the help of digital marketing.
So if you take the decision of becoming a great digital marketer then here is the top notch part of digital marketing you should learn. Let's see in a glance...
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
Each of these digital marketing fields has their own purpose and goals. You only need to make a good plan for the growth of your business by utilizing all these tactics.

So if you find this article about future of digital marketing in india helpful then share it with your friends and you can follow us at our digital marketing agency website SGM

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

How to Rank Your Facebook Page in SERP

Do you run a local service providing business such as a computer shop, hair salon or digital marketing company?

Could you agree that owning a facebook page that ranks #1 on Google for the most vital keyword for your industry should help your business? Are you agree with me that Facebook is one of the best platforms to do social media marketing of any type of business.

I am hoping you stated yes!

Because Ranking of your Facebook page can help you in many ways:-

  • More Leads More Traffic
  • More Sales and Branding
So in this guide, I am going to show you how you can rank your FB page in less than one month.

How to Rank Facebook Page Fast in Google

Most of the people use Google when they are seeking for local business and then click on the website that is on the first page. There is hardly anyone who visit the second page of SERP.

But what if your website is brand new have no authority then what you can do is there any alternative?

Yes, there is a solution if you are a permanent reader of my blog then you could remember that I have written a post about parasite SEO. In parasite SEO you can rank someone else website that has a lot of authority and gets back a link with a lot of promotion.

We use the same tactics here but rather than ranking someone else website or blog we rank our facebook business page.

So let's start  ..........

STEP 1: Name Play Important Role

Name of your facebook page plays an important role so what is the secret behind the selecting right name for FB page.

Here is the secret let's suppose you want to rank for a digital marketing company in Indore then what you need to name your page as the same keyword on which you get your business on the SERP. 

STEP 2: Make Some Backlink

For ranking of our website in SERP we need to make some backlink depending on the competition of keywords. Same will be happen here if you want to rank your facebook page high in SERP then you need to make backlink for your facebook page from authority and relative site. You can also get the link from your website or blog also.

STEP 3: Keep Update Your Page

If you want to kill anyone then don't care about them, yes it is true if you want to kill your website facebook page or blog then don't update them.

So here is the point to grow your Facebook page position in SERP you need to update it with time get the review from user and clients put your opening and closing hour share coupons and other details to engaging the audience.

So these are the 3 step you can use to rank your facebook page in SERP but I know you have a question in your mind and question is that how much time it take to rank an Up to date facebook page in SERP then I answer it very honestly its totally depend upon the competition of your keyword in that particular location. So don't worry analyze the competition very carefully and put the efforts. Have a Good day!

Monday, 6 August 2018

How to Rank Your Website Fast Step By Step Guide

What is the difference among an unremarkable, no fee delivered, thin e-commerce website, and a top-ranked website? In a few industries, the difference is absolutely website age. websites that were around a few years ago had fewer competition, so it become easier for them to rank. As they aged they got depended on more, and a number of those top scores lead to many self-reinforcing links.

if your website is latest and you want to compete against established websites directly on their most essential keywords you then want to be good at public relations, have a better brand approach, or have a few incredible characteristics that makes people want to talk about you. without communication and links, it's miles hard to bypass up websites which have been collecting links for years.

but what if you could roll back the clock, and fast clutch market-main positions? you may.

the perfect way is to shop for a vintage website that is not properly maintained and then construct it up. but if that is outside the scope of your budget or advertising strategy and you are attempting to rank a brand new website online, the key is not to attack directly, however, to attack indirectly.

Of course, lots of your product pages will include keywords which are the equal or similar to that which the competition is focused on, but the more obscure long tail phrases are going to be simpler to rank for. right here are 3 techniques to help you get fortunate with your ranking speedy -

Step 1. Use the Less Competitive Version Of Your Keyword

If most of your competitors are focused on new york taxis, however, no person is targeting newyork taxis, then it's far going to be easier to rank for that alternative model. and even if the alternate version of the keyword only gets 4% or 8% the search volume of the related keyword, you are still going to drag in extra traffic through ranking #1 for it then you will ranking #30 for the greater popular version of the keyword.

Step 2. Use Keyword Modifier

If a keyword is hard to rank then go with a modifier for example if you want to rank digital marketing agency in Indore but it has a lot of competition then you can go with the best digital marketing agency in Indore.

Step 3. Mix Your On-Page  Optimization

Using your main keyword in an article or page, again and again, is known as keyword stuffing that is a black hat technique. Rather then you could use keyword variation you can add synonyms and singular or plural of a keyword. 

For Example if you want to rank for SEO Company in Indore then use this main keyword in the title and use variation of this keyword ( SEO Agency in Indore ) in heading and all at other areas of your article.  

So these three technique help you in ranking your website as soon as possible. So if you want to know more about digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization then you can follow us on Social Media. 

If you any query about this article please feel free to ask we feel glad to help you. Thank You! 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Facebook Marketing Tips For Capturing Leads For Real Estate Business

No doubt Digital Marketing is the best way of getting leads and sales for business. Today i am going to tell you how you can get leads for your property business. But before i am going to start tell me, do you want get free real property leads from fb? you can find them with a tool it really is so obvious you will surprise why you did not think about it faster.

All people knows that the search bar in facebook can be used to locate buddies or groups. What many human beings don’t know  is that it can additionally be used to search for keywords in facebook posts. that is important. It allows to get unfastened real property leads in only some mins every day.

Let's Start ....

Facebook Marketing Tips For Capturing Leads For Real Estate Business

Find Property Buyer On Facebook 

To find real estate leads using Facebook just type : [Your Area] + [Likely To Move Keyword]

For Example Indore + Buy a Home

What you’ll find with the ones key phrases is posts from human beings on your market who're actively speaking about moving or buying a home.

As you can see, these humans aren’t hiding.

And lots of them are simply getting into the home buying process.

Very probably, they’re no longer connected to any unique agent and they are searching out help, recommendation, and guidance.

Who do  that might offer all that?

So now that you’ve discovered folks that need what you offer… Get in there and help!

Pro Tips --

in case you’re not opposed to spending cash on fb commercials, you may also goal humans in your region who are “likely to move” according to fb.

in case you use the free method mentioned above and pair it with paid advertisements that reach those human beings…

Thats Winning Combination..

Because those commercials will probably be served to the same people you’re reaching out to manually.

And it takes a median of 5-12 factors of exposure or touch earlier than someone feels relaxed contacting you.

Yes, definitely: A prospect desires to listen your message 5-12 times.

So paying to attain them with facebook advertisements and individually attaining out to them is a high Tech + high touch method in order to deliver you extra leads on facebook.

So these are the best way of using Facebook for capturing leads if you need more social media marketing tips then you can follow me on SGM indore website.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Step By Step Guide For Reverse Engineering Your Competitor Backlinks ?

right here’s the secret to ranking for any keyword in any niche:

If you could get the equal backlinks that your competitor’s have, you can improve your blog ranking in SERP as well as you get better Search Engine Optimization in no time.

Guide For Reverse Engineering Your Competitor Backlinks

easier said than executed, proper?

because when you reverse engineer your competitor links, you have probably run into some problem, like:
  • How do you understand which sites to reverse engineer?
  • Which of their links are viable for your blog?
Because if you copy all of your competitor links same to same then you may be face the problem in the form of google penalty. So in this guide i am going to show you exact step you need to follow for gathering the best result using reverse engineering.

Find Your Competitor:-

To do reverse engineering, first of all, we need to know who are our competitor for finding your competitor you need to search in google for few of your keyword for example i have a digital marketing agency in Indore so my competitor are those who also have digital agency in Indore and to finding my competitor i search in google using this keyword and i take top 3 site as my competitor, it's clear.

Even as you may be capable of getting some of the same links that authority sites have — without a lot of brand reputation — it’s not going to be easy. You’re a lot better off reverse engineering “mortal” websites first. when you’ve run out of link possibilities from those smaller websites, pass onto the authority websites which are ranking for your goal key phrases.

Search Outside Your Niche 

If you want even more great link building opportunities, search outside of your niche. For example, if you want to rank for “digital marketing ”, you’d start off by searching for “digital marketing agency”, “best digital marketing agency”, “online digital marketing service” etc.

Filter Out Bad Backlink

Your next step is to filer out any results with a bad link profile.

do not forget: even if a site is ranking today using black hat techniques, doesn’t mean they’ll be there tomorrow. You only need to reverse engineer link profiles which can be going to stand the test of time.

luckily, you can easily separate the white and black through pulling a play out of Google’s own playbook: anchor text distribution.

So using these two techniques anyone gather a lot of backlinks for their blog for better Search Engine Optimization. So if you need any kind of help you can visit our digital marketing company website and put your enquiry there our expert is always present to help you. Thanks a lot. 

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